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BECCA Abercrombie

BECCA Abercrombie


Becca has been rocking the hair world since 2003. She has had extensive training in the following salon systems: Aveda, Lanza, Framesi, Nioxin, John Sahag Dry cutting, Micheal Karg Dry Cutting, Martin Parson Formal Hair Design, and Mirabella Makeup. Becca specializes in shaping and coloring and is experienced working with thinning, curly, and thick textured hair. With years of corrective color experience she knows how to wield the magic wand of hair color transformation and healthfully maintain the perfect look for every guest. She accomplishes this by understanding the chemical structure of hair and chemical rules of hair color. She prefers to enhance her client’s natural color and choose a color schedule that keeps their hair beautiful and works best for the guest's busy lifestyle. Clients trust that she will always keep their hair in the healthiest state.

Becca’s extensive knowledge and unique intuition help guild her client’s style goals. She gives deep, thought provoking consultations to ensure her clients speak up about their likes, dislikes, and their hair dreams. Part of the process is understanding the lifestyles of her clients. She uses hair texture, head-shape, client's personal styling experience, prescribed hair product aids, and individualized styling tips to maximize her guest’s natural and enhanced beauty. She teaches each client how to style their own hair at home or how to best use their natural texture to limit styling time. Becca feels every client should be able to choose how much time they wish to spending styling their hair at home. She strives to guide her guests into a hairstyle that is free form and allows for less styling using natural texture as a guide for shape or has a styling time that is best for their daily routine. Becca believes that hair color maintenance should be celebratory and not a chore.

Becca has been lead stylist in photoshoots, fashion shows, and is an on location hair and makeup specialist. She loves her daily salon work but thrives in on-site environments. She has a great team of assistant makeup artists and stylists to ensure that all on site work is on schedule, all models and bridal party members feel they look their best, and everyone photo ready.


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